Mission Statement

The GrayMaze...
For a great deal of what most would consider my most youthful adult years, I was in what felt like a maze. A gray maze at that. The world I've lived in has always been viewed as black and white, and ironically for me. I'm a father to both a "black" and "white" child if we're following the simple-minded American "race" standard.

I see color like everyone else, but it doesn't determine how I move as a person with people. I've always gone through life open-minded with a glass-half-full kind of attitude. I understand my reality is my reality, and this has always been my perspective and perception. Regardless of anyone's ethnicity, I've always remained neutral with seeing color. I view the person as who they visibly are with patience, observation, and time.

Through fatherhood, I learned valuable lessons I continue to apply within my maze daily. My sons Braylen (Gray) Hampton & Levi (Maze) Hampton brought a much-needed drive and redirection. I'm fueled by my children's existence and the value I hold next to me daily from being their father.

The Gray Maze logo represents the child in myself, as well as the inner-child I'll never let die in my children. The rocket ship signifies the ascension from anyone or anything trying to box our inner-child in.